April 25, 2024

Partners, Clients & Affiliates

CEP Business Partners

If you really want to know what Celenic Earth Publications is about and who we are, you need to learn about our partners and affiliates. Many of them are connected directly to what we do for a living, without whom we can’t really provide a service. On the other end of the scale, there is YOU, the reader, who learns about these partners and accesses their news and press releases through CEP.

On this page, we provide and overview of who our partners are per category. If we have content for them, you’ll be able to click to their category pages and see the articles related to them. 

Business Partners & Clients

When we speak about Business Partners to Celenic Earth Publications, we mean either directly or indirectly. For direct partners, we communicate with them personally and receive content from them to write about or produce on our site. It can be in the form of a press release, or we deliver content for them directly on their site. Indirectly, it means we deliver content for them through someone else, like a content agency, or publish outreach articles for them on someone else’s site.

Books and Printing

Since books and publishing was our first focus in Celenic Earth Publications, we’ve developed some partners over the years to help us distribute paperbacks and ebooks throughout the world. We work with some of these brands directly, while the others are only available indirectly as third parties.


CEP has been involved with gaming before the company was even established, with the CEO having started with the first Atari console when it was originally released. Since 2016, we’ve slowly grown our list of gaming partners, with press releases, game reviews, guides, writing for games, and so much more. While we sometimes publish this content on other sites, we have a special place for them on Celenic Earth Publications.

Movies and Series

Most of CEP’s involvement with our writing has been with books and gaming thus far, but we’ve also touched on the movie industry. Whether it’s for screenwriting, press releases, sharing upcoming titles, guides on the best shows to watch, there’s always a need for writing, publishing and marketing somewhere. Here are some direct and indirect partners and platforms we’ve worked with, including some of our subscriptions.

Online Content

One of the busiest and most rewarding types of active work we do is related to online content for our partners and their clients. Not only do we write website content, we also perform project management, portfolio and client management, resource management, editing, content publishing, and more. With some of these partners, we work directly with our services, while we work with others indirectly through them. Here are some of the companies that have benefited from our services.

Websites & Online Security

As part of our services, we’ve had to work across different platforms to make our online content available to readers and viewers. We’re not only referring to uploading content but also dealing with web-hosting providers and ensuring security certificates are in place. We’re also loyal to specific browsers, anti-virus systems, site analytics, and plug-ins we have in place that enable us to be so efficient. Here are some top brands we work with.


Social Media & Streaming Platforms

To ensure that we reach our target audiences for various categories, we share our posts on social media and stream games on various platforms. Since we have accounts with these brands, we consider them our business partners. Here’s a list of the platforms you’ll find us on.


Finance & Merchandise

Since we work with partners, clients, writers, and so many people around the world, finance and payment systems are hot topics. We’ve had to deal with various finance portals, establishing business relationships with them. We’re not only talking about Fiat currencies, but crypto too. That’s how we ended up in the NFT universe and offering merchandise related to our products. Here are some brands we work with.


Affiliates & Marketing

Despite what some may think, websites don’t run on thin air. We pay for services to make them look as good as they do, which costs quite a bit. We look for every opportunity to make a return on our investment, which means tapping into the affiliate market where it’s relevant to our site. 

Without breaking into different categories like we did for our business partners and clients, here’s a list of our active affiliate platforms and brands that pay us commissions for clicks or sign-ups, as well as our primary advertising campaign networks.