Dec 3, 2022

Celenic Comic Central

Celenic Comic Central

Many writers would love to become involved with producing content for comic books. Celenic Comic Central has the vision to help make more possibilities for such people with creative talent. Perhaps we can create our own comic series to match the likes of Marvel and DC comics one day.

Celenic Comic Central

Celenic Comic Central invites a brand new day

Celenic Comic Central seeks to provide a platform for its writers and artists to become involved in writing and drawing for comic books. With so few comic publishing services available, as well as low opportunities, CCC aims to assist writers and artists with comic book ambitions to realise their dreams.

CCC also wishes to assist comic book developers and publishers to find writers and artists, should the demand for new talent be high. Also key on our radar is the adaptation of books, films and games into comics.

While we are not in the comic book publishing arena just yet, we are busy looking into the creation and development of comic books. This will create more opportunities for writers and aid them in revealing their talent.

Celenic Comic Central

Celenic Comic Central services

Here’s a quick look at the Celenic Comic Central services:

  • Helping comic book writers become published
  • Publishing comic books
  • Assisting comic publishers find new writers
  • Adapting games, movies, novels, etc to comics

If you would like to discuss becoming involved with a comic book project, to partner with CCC, or have your comic book published, kindly complete the form below: