July 19, 2024

Who we are

CEP Who we are

Now that you know a bit more about our company, it’s time to share who we are in terms of team members, what it is we do and focus on, and what sets us apart from the competition. Celenic Earth Publications has a set business plan for the short- and long-term, and so everything we represent on our site and in our company aims towards those goals.

Team Members

CEP Who we are

Shaun M Jooste: CEO

Shaun M Jooste is the CEO and founder of Celenic Earth Publications. With writing experience since 2001, he established the publishing company to launch his books under his own brand while inviting other authors to join him. Since then, he’s made contacts in the gaming, movies, books, and online journalism industries, meeting several partners along the way. One of his passions is creating written content on various platforms for different industries, but it also involves project, portfolio, and client management.

What We Do

CEP is a company that not only publishes books but also provides writing and publishing services. While it’s primarily in the books and online websites domains at the moment, it’s looking to expand into other areas.

What problems does CEP solve?

There are several types of clients that have a high demand for services or job opportunities. On the one side, businesses need online content for websites that rank well on search engines, communication and marketing content, or content for ebooks, movies, games, or music.

On the other side, you have the providers of these services. They’re all looking for chances to earn money while doing what they love best.

CEP bridges the gap by providing products and services to both sides, providers and recipients.

Who is the ideal customer?

There are several ideal customers, based on what CEP does above:

  • Game developers looking for writers
  • Film producers looking for writers
  • Music producers looking for writers
  • Comic book publishers looking for content
  • Websites looking for content or someone to manage the site
  • Writers, editors, project managers, and other service providers looking for positions with any of the above types of clients
  • Authors, game developers, musicians, and film producers who want their work published

How is CEP different from competitors?

CEP doesn’t simply focus on a single solution. There’s a holistic approach that can cross several barriers. Games need music, animations, and writing, and so do films in many regards. These are just a few examples of how the different industries cross over into one another. Instead of only looking at one aspect, CEP supplies services and products to meet everyone’s needs.