The Ice Queen: Book 1 of The Queen’s Throne


In a world consumed by darkness and ruled by supernatural beings, a young witch, Madison, is destined to rewrite the fate of her kingdom. As she confronts her deepest prejudices, faces ancient evil, and forges unexpected alliances, she must become more than royalty. She must become a legend. If you crave fantasy adventures filled with magic, destiny, and unyielding determination, “The Ice Queen” is a must-read. Join Madison on a journey where queens rise to power, alliances are forged in the darkest of times, and the fate of nations hangs in the balance. Discover the enchanting first book in The Queen’s Throne series.

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Are you a dedicated fantasy enthusiast, always in search of a captivating tale that whisks you away to a world of magic, heroism, and adventure? If so, we have an exciting literary journey in store for you. Allow us to introduce “The Ice Queen,” a mesmerizing fantasy novel by the young and promising author, Elena Van Peborgh. This enchanting story is the first installment in the epic series, “The Queen’s Throne,” and it’s a book that’s bound to leave you spellbound from start to finish.

A Glimpse into the Author’s World

Elena Van Peborgh, born in Belgium in November 1996, is an emerging talent with a burning desire to put her home country on the world map of literature. Her passion for storytelling ignited at the tender age of eight, when she began crafting her first fantasy stories. Initially, these tales found their home on Quotev, where Elena shared her budding talent with the world. As the years went by, she diligently honed her craft, perfecting her skills and weaving intricate narratives. Now, with “The Ice Queen,” she’s ready to make her mark on the literary world.

The Enthralling World of “The Ice Queen”

“The Ice Queen” whisks readers away to a future Earth, drastically altered by an apocalyptic event. This world is no longer one of sunshine and rain; it’s a realm where supernatural creatures have seized control over the remaining four major kingdoms. The rest of the planet lies in the clutches of The Great Darkness, a place where nightmarish, demon-like creatures reign supreme.

In this captivating setting, four kingdoms remain:

  1. Paudesia – The land of the werewolves.
  2. Lythora – The vampire kingdom.
  3. Naremia – The kingdom of vampire-werewolf hybrids.
  4. Mysaulia – A place with the highest human population, although it’s no longer a human kingdom. Witches and warlocks now hold the reins of power.

At the heart of this wondrous, yet perilous world, stands Madison Eleohnora Marion Perrault Stone. She’s not just the crown princess and heir to the throne of Mysaulia; she’s also a skilled witch, a warrior, and a hunter. Her training has cultivated a deep-seated aversion for all things unnatural, including the demonic entities that haunt the planet, as well as supernatural beings like werewolves and vampires. Among hunters, witches and warlocks are accepted and tolerated, as they still bear a semblance of humanity.

However, destiny weaves a unique tapestry for Madison when she’s assigned a special mission. This task challenges her ingrained beliefs and forces her to confront her prejudices. She’s compelled to negotiate peace with the neighbouring kingdom of Naremia, a role that requires her to deal with hybrids and royal responsibilities, much to her chagrin. Madison prefers being a warrior, leading her unit into battle and defending her homeland from the clutches of The Great Darkness.

In Naremia, she’s coerced into participating in “The Selection,” a contest designed to determine the bride of Naremia’s crown prince, Oscar. The contest involves classes on royalty, and Madison’s status as the crown princess of Mysaulia puts her at the forefront of the competition, much to her discomfort.

Yet, as the story unfolds, her relationship with Oscar takes surprising turns. Madison discovers hidden secrets about Oscar and his family, and she’s determined to unite the two kingdoms, Mysaulia and Naremia, to create a formidable army to combat the relentless demons.

As the plot unfolds, Madison embarks on an enthralling journey. She becomes part of Naremia’s army for a time, forms an unlikely friendship with Jessica, one of Oscar’s exes, and confronts unimaginable challenges. Her life takes an even darker turn when she ventures into The Great Darkness, facing an ancient demon and loses those she loves.

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What Awaits You in “The Ice Queen” and Beyond

“The Ice Queen” is just the first chapter of the “The Queen’s Throne” series, and it’s a story that sets the stage for an epic adventure. Elena Van Peborgh has grand plans for her readers, with prequels in the pipeline that delve deeper into Madison’s journey and Oscar’s enigmatic past. Additionally, a prequel dedicated to Leonie’s experiences during the rise of The Great Darkness promises to add layers of depth to the series.

The journey continues in “The Witch Queen,” where Madison ascends to the throne, partnering with Oscar to unite Mysaulia and Naremia. Their ambitions extend even further as they explore alliances with vampires to combat the unyielding demon forces.

The series reaches its grand climax with “The Queen,” where Lythora joins the union, creating a powerful alliance. The united kingdoms set out to drive the demons back to their dark realm for good.

While this offers a glimpse into the enchanting world of “The Ice Queen” and the epic “The Queen’s Throne” series, the best way to experience this captivating tale is to dive into the book itself. If you’re a fantasy lover seeking a narrative brimming with magic, destiny, and unyielding determination, “The Ice Queen” is a must-read. It’s a journey where queens rise to power, alliances are forged in the darkest of times, and the fate of nations hangs in the balance.

Are you ready to embark on this extraordinary adventure with Elena Van Peborgh? Grab your copy of “The Ice Queen” today and lose yourself in a world of fantasy, magic, and daring heroism.

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