The Legend of the Oracle Runes 1: Nornien Odyssey

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Welcome to the fantasy novel, the Nornien Odyssey. It’s book 1 of The Legend of the Oracle Runes in a new fantasy world! Read more here

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Nornien Odyssey

Book 1 of the Legend of the Oracle Runes

by Debbie Stansfield

Alexandria had never thought that she would have to finish a battle her parents had started more than ten years ago. But now the battle for the earth has erupted once again and she will need all the help she can get. From mere mortals turning into centaurs to an unexpected visit from a handsome wolfane, it is sure to keep Alexandria on her toes. She will have to rely on her family’s old friends, the fairies to help her fight the battle, and when the Mermalani twins join she is sure that they at least have some chance of winning.

But are both twins on the side of good, or is one unconsciously fighting for the side of evil?

This sends Alex on a journey where she discovers long dormant secrets and a family history she never thought possible. Can the mysterious Nornien stone, of the three fairy sisters of faith help the side of good during the war, or is it just some useless legend created by the elders to entertain children? Can she use her instincts in trusting the trolls whom have shown up unexpectedly, claiming not to be the ones responsible for the deaths of magical creatures? And when the centaurs show up after years of banishment, surprising even the fairy queen, she knows that their troubles have only started…

You can also purchase this book on Amazon. Best of all, Book 2: Allegory of the Milieu Stone is now available!


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