Daydreams at Dusk: Reveries and Refrains Vol. 1

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Step into a world where music and literature entwine in “Reveries and Refrains Vol. 1: Daydreams at Dusk.” These captivating short stories by Russell Fourie-Kidson draw inspiration from the poetic verses of Ben Howard’s songs, exploring themes of love, longing, and profound human emotions. Let the harmonious blend of song and story transport you to a realm where reveries and refrains come together in perfect harmony.

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At Celenic Earth Publications, we are delighted to present “Daydreams at Dusk,” the captivating first volume of the “Reveries and Refrains” series by author Russell Fourie-Kidson. Inspired by the lyrical magic of musician Ben Howard, this anthology of short stories weaves together the profound melodies of life and the poetic verses of Howard’s songs.

The Symphony of Words and Music

“Daydreams at Dusk” is more than just a book; it’s an exquisite fusion of storytelling and song. It’s where the art of literature meets the magic of music, creating a unique and mesmerizing symphony of words and melodies. The stories within this volume invite you to immerse yourself in the profound emotions and experiences that echo in Ben Howard’s music.

Volume 1: Daydreams at Dusk

The first volume of the “Reveries and Refrains” series sets the stage for a literary journey that explores the complexities of human emotions, love, longing, and personal revelations. Each story in “Daydreams at Dusk” is a window into Russell Fourie-Kidson’s interpretation of Howard’s songs. It’s a journey through the rich and intricate emotional landscapes that music can evoke, and it’s an invitation to discover the lyrical magic of Ben Howard through the art of storytelling.

Daydreams at Dusk

A Melodic Odyssey

“Daydreams at Dusk” is a captivating odyssey that takes you through the various facets of human experience. Whether you’re a long-time admirer of Ben Howard‘s music or new to his world, this volume promises to resonate with your heart and soul. Russell Fourie-Kidson masterfully captures the essence of Howard’s songs, allowing readers to explore the profound depth and richness that music and literature can create when brought together.

Tales That Touch the Soul

As you delve into the stories of “Daydreams at Dusk,” you’ll discover that the magic of this collection extends beyond the lyrical prose. The real charm lies in the connection that readers form with the stories. Just as a beloved song can take on new meaning with each listen, these stories will unveil new layers and emotions with every reading.

Experience “Daydreams at Dusk” with Celenic Earth Publications

At Celenic Earth Publications, we are committed to bringing you literary works that touch your heart and stimulate your imagination. “Daydreams at Dusk” is the embodiment of our dedication to the craft of storytelling. It’s an invitation to explore the profound connection between music and literature, a connection that Russell Fourie-Kidson has masterfully crafted in this series.

Dive into the Lyrical World of Ben Howard

If you’ve been moved by the melodies of Ben Howard for years, “Daydreams at Dusk” will deepen your appreciation for his music. If you’re just beginning your journey with Howard’s songs, this volume will serve as an introduction to the lyrical world that awaits you. Russell Fourie-Kidson’s interpretation of Howard’s music is a testament to the enduring power of storytelling and the enduring impact of beautiful melodies.


“Daydreams at Dusk: Reveries and Refrains Vol. 1” is not just a book; it’s a gateway to a world where literature and music harmonize to create an extraordinary and emotional experience. Join us in exploring the harmonious blend of song and story. Let the magic of “Daydreams at Dusk” speak to you, touch you, and whisk you into the passionate world of human emotion that both Ben Howard and Russell Fourie-Kidson strive to evoke.

Experience the symphony of “Daydreams at Dusk” today and allow the melodic prose to transport you to a place where reveries and refrains come together in perfect harmony.

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