DragonRider: Celenic Earth Chronicles Book 2

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The Dragon War has been brought by Le’Mar to Celenic Earth. Shadowolf engages with the former members of the Shadow Clan, his most trusted friends and allies. Together, they must bring together the forces of the humans, elves and dwarves to take another stand against the dark lord and his new DragonRider plaguing the earth.

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by Shaun M Jooste

Pernonil was lost to the Elves….the southern lands forsaken by the tribes….Chenesia lost to the Vale…Shadowolf lost to the world…

It has been two years since Shadowolf released the power node and destroyed Mercius; since he had been mysteriously taken by a dragon to Bentley Strip. But rumours of the dragons are stirring in New Avalion, and one of them is that the son of Nighthale has returned.

The Shadow Clan reform and set out to him in the Strip, and they meet a man wiser and more powerful than before. They quickly learn that Shadowolf had been in another world with Asgorna the Dragon King in what is called the Dragon War, a war that has leaked into Celenic Earth, and that the dark lord Le’Mar plans to use to his advantage.

Ursula the unicorn joins their Clan, and urges Shadowolf to find a horn lost in the Battle of T’Mar’s Scourge. The horn holds untold power and would assist in defeating the dark lord. But on their way, they find many obstacles, including the undead, witches, the Butcher of Philagis, and Firestroms.

Quietly, Le’Mar is preparing his new champion for the War, Sonersaat the DragonRider. As his quest grows larger, Shadowolf decides to enter Eldor’s Forest, find Eldor and Masara and await Le’Mar. It is a war the earth has been anticipating….and it is a war with the direst consequences.

The “Prophecy of the DragonRider” is upon them…

DragonRider by Shaun M Jooste

DragonRider Reviews

“The story was gripping with enough intrigue to keep me coming back for more. The story is captivating…”

Juanita Ellis, GoodReads Review

“This is definitely a series for sequential reading and so that I can enjoy it more I will be going to book 1 and then re-reading the second book. Worth the read if you are following the series…”

Norah Addinall, GoodReads Review

DragonRider by Shaun M Jooste

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